Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
Visualising, Analysing and Learning about EU Studies

VisuALEU "Knowledge Maps"

The VisuALEU "Knowledge Maps" are 'geo-aware' visualisations depicting EU Studies-related activities around the world, based on various data.

Current visualization themes:

Erasmus+ projects 2014-2020

  1. Overview
  2. Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals — by Action Type [forthcoming]
  3. Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  4. Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform — by Action Type
  5. Jean Monnet Activities
  6. Sport — by Action Type
  7. Key Action 1 Coordinators
  8. Key Action 2 Coordinators
  9. Key Action 3 Coordinators
  10. Jean Monnet Activities Coordinators
  11. Sport Coordinators
  12. Key Action 1 Partners
  13. Key Action 2 Partners
  14. Key Action 3 Partners
  15. Jean Monnet Partners
  16. Sport Partners

Erasmus+ projects 2021-2027

  1. Overview [forthcoming]
  2. Key Action 1 Coordinators [coming soon]
  3. Key Action 2 Coordinators [coming soon]
  4. Sport Coordinators [coming soon]

Pre-Erasmus+ projects 2007-2013 (discontinued)

Data are no longer available on Erasmus+ and Former Programmes Projects Overview

Other VisuALEU Knowledge Maps [forthcoming]

More information about the tools and data used to produce these maps.

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