About JMCoE VisuALEU

The JMCoE “Visualising, Analysing and Learning about EU Studies” (JMCoE VisuALEU) is based in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of the Peloponnese (Greece). The Academic Coordinator is Associate Professor Nikitas-Spiros Koutsoukis. The JMCoE team members are faculty and staff from the School, namely: Professors A. Katsis, S. Koniordos, P. Sklias, D. Venieris, Assoc. Prof. P. Papadimitriou, Assist. Profs E. Fakiolas, A. Klapsis, S. Plimakis and Dr. M-E Galani.

The JMCoE aims to become a one-stop knowledge centre for EU affairs by embracing EU studies at large. This knowledge will be freely available to everyone through the world wide web using intuitive and interactive technologies. The JMCoE’s activity is organized in three pillars:

  • Visualising which is, literally, about mapping the EU studies subject matter. Interested parties will be able to browse and retrieve this information via interactive maps.
  • Analysing which is about documenting the interactions between EU studies actors and stakeholders and analysis EU public policies. Interested parties will be able to browse and retrieve information via thematic interactive visualisations of these interactions, e.g. by topic, by person, by institution, etc.
  • Learning which is about providing training to aspiring EU scholars and students or just those interested. The landmark training event is the VisuALEU summer school with the participation of former members of the EU Parliament.

The JMCoE VisuALEU is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.