The JMCoE VisuALEU ‘events’ is a collection of networking activities aiming to improve the outreach and visibility of the JMCoE and EU Studies at large.

VisuALEU Encounters

This activity draws upon the “European Parliament to Campus” programme of the European Parliament Former Member’s Association –“EP to Campus” for short. We quote:

“The EP to Campus programme allows Universities to benefit from the expertise and experience of former Members of the European Parliament who will share their insights into how the EU institutions really work and what are the factors shaping EU decision-making. (…) ”

The JMCoE goal is to host one ‘Encounter’ event per year with a former MEP.

VisuALEU Fellows

The scope of this activity is to methodically expand the JMCoE research horizon and instigate innate synergies to other institutions around Europe.

Each appointment will take place in the spring semester and have a total duration of 3 calendar months.
After that period, the appointment may switched to a ‘virtual’ fellowship appointment. For example to allow a Fellow to complete undertaken research work. In this case, digital collaboration tools (e.g. online collaboration tools, teleconferencing, etc.) will be used. The option to go ‘virtual’ ensures that promising research collaboration will not come to a standstill, for example due to limited time. Further, digital collaboration tools are now widely available and commonly used. The fellow can retain their title as motivation to carry on with their assignment(s). Virtual appointments will be subject to approval by the JMCoE board.

Fellows will be selected through a call for applications and selection process. In addition to a full CV, applicants will have to submit a research plan, with tangible academic outputs (e.g. one or more publications) themed under one or more of the JMCoE research activities, in addition to CV, etc.

During their appointment, fellows will also be expected to deliver at least one guest lecture on the research theme/subject of the appointment.

VisuALEU Interns

The aim of this activity is to provide aspiring individuals with an opportunity to experience first-hand, and as an insider, the academic environment of a targeted, multidisciplinary research entity like the JMCoE.
Overall the interns are expected to engage in the day-to-day running of the JMCoE and implementation of activities. They will also be encouraged to participate in one or more JMCoE research activities of their choice in order to make the most of their internship.

Given the range of activities, interns will be exposed to a mixed-methods research environment, abundant on a number of research endeavours. For instance, basic, applied, exploratory, explanatory comparative and classification research by participating in the knowledge maps and knowledge networks activities; quantitative, qualitative, descriptive, exploratory and explanatory and policy-oriented research, in the policy analytics and insight activities; etc.

The JMCoE will accept interns in the following order of preference:

  1. International applicants; 3rd or 4th year HE students or recent graduates (≤2 years from graduation) seeking to build work experience.
  2. Greek resident applicants: 3rd or 4th year HE students or recent graduates (≤2 years from graduation) seeking to build work experience.

The particular order of preference is so as to expand JMCoE’s reach and visibility. If appropriate the JMCoE will collaborate with one or more internship organisations/institutions for advertising the positions internationally or to administer the application process.

Applicants will go a formal selection process including an interview by a JMCoE panel, well in advance of the targeted internship period. Interns will have access to shared office space and have master student-grade access to the university’s research infrastructure and materials and may receive a stipend in support of their expenses during their intern period and a recommendation letter upon successful completion of their internship.